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About Us

My name is Jonathan Evans and I am a member of the Evans Family of Brecon who have been renowned for their work in the field of Monumental Masonry for over 100 years. For those of you who are not aware, Brecon is a lovely little Market Town in Mid Wales, which is surrounded by mountains.

I have been in the business for 21 years lettering, cutting and painting designs on headstones. One day a customer came in and asked if I could supply him a house name in slate with a painting of his dog on it as he could not find anyone to do it. I did it and he was very pleased.

That was some eight years ago and I now run Celtic House Name Plates.

This is a small family business concern and we take great pride in the quality/craftsmanship that goes into the making of the name plates. We only use the finest quality Welsh slate that is suitable for high exposed jobs like headstones and plaques.

We obtain the slate from a Quarry which is situated 1360 ft above sea level on the picturesque Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen which was originally established around 1700 and is one of the oldest slate quarries in the industry.