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Why Slate Signs are Popular as Celtic House Signs in London?

House signs are no new invention. They have been here since the idea of society took birth and people want to simplify the process of finding their address. From ceramic and pottery house signs to acrylic & plastic signs to wooden signs to slate signs – the house name signs in London has covered a long mile. And it’s journey is still active. Celtic House Name Plates is also here to popularise the Welsh house slate sign in London. The quality of materials they use and their workmanship have stood the test of time.

If you are also enamoured with the slate signs, then let’s discover what makes these nameplates so popular among homeowners:

They are Enough to Beautify a Property

When you don’t know how to turn a simple exterior into something astounding, just hang or install slate house signs and you are done. From giving different shapes to the nameplate to choosing different fonts – you can do a lot with a simple black house sign.
Just installing a Welsh house slate sign can make your simple house stand out in the block.

Made to Measure

You prefer a large house sign, slate signs can be turned into it. Small house signs appeal to you more? Slate house signs are also fit to suit this need. Whichever cut and size please you, slate signs are perfect for them. You can also play around with the font or choose a border that complements the slate.

You can Decorate the Welsh Slate House Sign as You Please
You may feel like there is a limited option to decorate a house sign. However, when it comes to slate, it’s far from the truth. From string lights to flowers – you can choose whatever to reinvent the beauty of a slate house sign.


When improving your kerbside appeal is a priority to you but you don’t want it to put a dent in your pocket, is there anything better than investing in Celtic house signs in London? This simple yet effective solution is enough to solve all your worries that you had until now.

Want to play around with the Font? Slate Signs also Offer this
There is no limitation in choosing a perfect font that matches your home decor and your personal style. The texture and colour of the slate house name signs can be chosen as per the position and material of the property location.

Just work with a team of reputed craftsmen of Celtic House Name Slates who have been in the industry for years and have already worked on hundreds of projects. The top-notch Welsh house slate sign in London offered by us are personalised as per the taste of our clients. From tailoring our solutions as per your needs to offering you a pocket-friendly quote – our services are of unmatched quality. We consider the position, size and screw holes number during the delivery and manufacturing process. Our house signs complement your house aesthetics.

Give Your House A Makeover With Welsh Slate Signs London

Name plates, custom made Welsh house slate signs, personalised and hand-painted quotes and directions are some frequent signs people put up on the exteriors of their property..

Personalised house signs in London are the best way to convey any specific information as well as instructions to the visitors without bothering them about having to ask others or searching here and there.

But, what we need to ensure is the custom made Welsh house slate sign London is visible enough. Hence, consulting a professional slate signs maker, like Celtic House Signs London makes you get the best house name signs options for your property.

Why to use personalised slate signs London?

The reason behind using personalised slate signs London is to give your house an appealing appearance as well as to make your house easily identifiable by new visitors. Further, custom made Celtic House signs offer an attractive image, and adds value to your property.

By consulting a local house name signs manufacturer in London, you can personalise your house sign plaque with floral or geometric designs, embellishments. You can further choose a design suitable for your desired look, like modern, creative or vintage.

Can I have Personalised Slate House Signs London?

Simply anyone can have custom made Welsh house slate sign London to inform the visiting guests and sightseers about themselves. For example, while a simple house number and owner name inform people about the basic information, a customised religious sign can tell about the homeowners religious belief or a pet sign may alert visitors to be aware of house cats, dogs or other pets.

After all, using house signs, specifically the slate signs London makes it easier for the house owners to convey their message to the onlookers.

And not only as house signs, but you can also use slate signs London as custom garden signs, storefront signs, other outdoor signs and memorial plaques also.

4 Popular Use of Welsh House Slate Sign London

While there might be numerous messages to convey using personalised Welsh slate plaques, we have come up with the most famous ones include the following –

1. Nameplates: Besides the traditional wooden nameplates, using Welsh house slate sign London is another traditional practise amongst the British people.

2. Garden Signs: Garden signs are used both domestically and commercially. While slate signs can be used in the parks and nurseries to help people identify specific trees and flower plants, they can be used domestically to notify visitors and guests to keep away from flowers, wet lawn etc.

3. Danger/Alert Signs: If you have a pet that goes excited seeing new visitors, make sure to put an alert plaque in the front door to keep your guests informed beforehand. You should also hang a danger alert plaque if your property is undergoing any hazardous maintenance work, like plumbing or electrical servicing.

4. Welcome Messages: Welcome signs engraved on Celtic House Signs London are a great option for the more sociable people. People who frequently welcome guests may try having some custom made warm welcoming messages in the front door.

On the whole, using personalised house name signs London conveys your message in the right way. Further, it saves the effort of addressing the visitors individually and gives you an enhanced first impression.
So, get your Celtic House Signs London and give your property an attractive and valuable makeover! For more information visit our Facebook page.


Welsh House Sign Trends 2021 | Comprehensive Guide

High-end Welsh House Slate Sign Glamorgan represents extremely sophisticated indoor signboards. These are basically put up in order to emphasize the atmosphere of a home or space. This is both a requirement and an element of decoration in order to make a primary impression on your guests and make them understand your identity. Therefore, be sure that your main gate sign board’s creative ideas impress your visitors.

Well, note that though these House signboard ideas are for the home entrances, however, you can still use them for your commercial premises as well. So, today, we are going to discuss 6 exclusive Welsh Slate Signs Glamorgan for your home and flat’s entrance.

Wooden House Signs

Each and every wooden house sign is made with a large variety of sizes and fonts. These signboards also contain some unique borders and images. Generally, the wooden signs are created in fine English oak. But, Iroko, Sapele, Cherry, and Cedar can also be implemented here! In addition to that, Rustic slices can be included in the wooden house designs.

Hanging House Sign

Designer hanging house signs are formed in an oak framed aluminum composite. Sometimes, it can be designed in hardwood as well. These can be connected to hand-made polished iron brackets and outfitted with or without any sort of posts.
Well, these framed signs come with plenty of color options including black or natural oak frames. In fact, the wooden signs can be Iroko, Cedar, or Oak.

Slate House Sign

Welsh House Slate Sign Glamorgan is one of the most popular house sign board designs among the users. Well, you can have your Slate house sign in any size you require for your flat or house. The Welsh Slate Signs Glamorgan includes one sort of letter and the letter size isn’t fixed for every signboard. Well, there are plenty of letters, colors, and fonts available for the slate house sign. Silver and White slate house design is the most preferable one.
Well, whenever you are looking for the best Slate Signs Glamorgan, you can reach professional house sign providers like Celtic House Name Plates.

Metal Signs and Name Plates

A large variety of coated metal home signboards, durable screen imprinted stainless steel nameplates, and metal signs along with raised letters – all tough wearing and low maintenance. They involve ovals, gate signs, archtops, and a beautiful array of French Style signboards. Many of these series can add your hand-painted image or any sort of computer graphics that you prefer.

Oak Framed House Sign

An aluminum composite board can be converted into a lovely sign along with an oak frame created by our in-house builders. We can make them double-sided for hanging signboards. The frame can be treated with oil, coated white or black. We also have painted framed sign boards designed with oak frames & painted letters.

Painted Acrylic House Signs

These Painted Acrylic House Signs are created using a unique combination. The front part goes to the spray room and the backside is designed with some sort of special print. The most exciting part is these house signs are treated by the laser that makes them more long-lasting. Well, these are often used as small house signs.

Ending Notes

So, these are the most trending Welsh Slate Signs Glamorgan. Now, you can choose the one according to your taste and preference. For more information, keep following our blogs on a regular basis!

Revamp Your Entryway with Custom Made Signs London

Home is something more than bricks, walls, and furniture. Home is where your heart is! It is your sanctuary and happy place where you make lifelong memories. Custom made signs in London is an essential element to get a great impression while entering your home. Think smart and install at least one custom made sign London in order to promote the overall look of your home.

Do you have any special request or idea for materials, fixing methods, shape, size, colour, layout or something else? Contact specialists of Celtic House Name Plates and let them see what they can do for your house signs London.

Have you ever installed a hand-painted house sign in London?

If not then here are some basic reasons discussed below to know why this customisation is recommended:

  1. It allows the homeowners to display their personality by allowing the type of house painted signs in London on their entryway. Signs say a lot about any homeowner’s personality. Artistic people often use different ideas and languages in the signs that make it quite impressive. 

  2. Colours play a crucial part in custom signs. Colours are an important element of custom sign design. Do not forget the fact that people will aesthetically assess and judge the place where you reside. When families drive through your neighbourhood- they often check the area and the houses nestled on the street and decide if they want to live there. Incorporating the right lighting, colours, and designs will complement each of your home decor components together. 

  3. Stand Out From the Competition with the custom signs. They are one of the most effective ways to create a unique identity which separates you from the competition. You can help an unknown person to locate your home with the help of custom signs. Also, you can get your important documents and parcels right at your door.

  4. You will not face any legal issues. According to the law in different countries, all the commercial and residential buildings must have a noticeable sign. In order to save yourself from facing any kind of legal action, install a sign from a reliable company like Celtic House Name Plates. They will be able to give you the right idea about the kind of name plate or home signs that you should install outside your building.

  5. Without the sign, it becomes very difficult for people to exactly distinguish whether they are travelling in the right direction to reach their destination or not.  Hire an expert and make a unique design for a custom made house name London today for your commercial or residential area. 

The Bottom Line 

Signs are installed at the entryway of the commercial and residential places in order to help the travellers in reaching their destination on time.  Whether you want to visit your friends home or any place for an interview, all you need is to get the exact location of that place.

 Do you know? Sometimes even if you are standing right in front of that building, it may be challenging for you to determine it if the custom made signs in London are not installed outside. Celtic House Name Plates is a renowned company which deals mostly in offering design and carving name plates with custom made sign London at a flexible price.

They have experienced professionals who understand what you need to make your house signs London a victory. With the help of the latest in sign design graphics and technology, the professionals will create the perfect sign for your needs. 

House Signs Bristol: Points to Consider While Purchasing

Planning to get something that will help your visitors identify your home? Whether your home is a traditional or contemporary one, house signs Bristol will represent the kind of person you are. They are generally placed in front of your house to help people know of the place you stay in. Celtic House Name Plates offers an array of house signs in Bristol. Starting from cast iron to cast bronze, they enlist all kinds of house signatures. While you are planning to opt for a house sign, there are a few points that should always be considered. Have a look at them, and make your whole process easy.

Shape and Size

House signs are available in various shapes and sizes. It can be circular, square, or custom-made signs Bristol that you can opt from. But the most important thing to look for is if it matches the overall surroundings. Depending on your wish and after the consultation with the professionals, get the one that matches your preference. It is important to mention here that specific shapes give specific indications. And before opting for one, you should be aware of all these facts:

• Circular signs give the impression of wholeness, security, comprehensive and warmth
• Rectangular signs give the impression of safety and logic
• Triangular signs give the impression of power, durability, and energy

Colour and Design

Yes, everyone has some specific colour choices. But the thing is that before selecting the house painted signs Bristol, you have to know about the significance of various colours. If you are aware of the fact of the colours, it’s well and good. On the other hand, for those who are not aware of them, let’s have a look at the meaning of the colours.

  • Black signifies authority
  • White is the colour of innocence and purity
  • Blue is for peace and calmness
  • Red signifies love
  • Green is the colour of intelligence and nature lovers
  • Yellow signifies nature and intelligence

House Name or House Number Sign

Choose either you need a “House Name” like “The Orchard” or you are looking for “House Number” like “20” or something else depending on your desire. House signs provide the impression of wealth and stature of your property. There are several house signs available in Bristol to suit all your requirements. Every homemaker is well aware of the importance that the house signatures offer. A convenient sign or a name will help the visitors find your address at the time of emergency.

The Bottom Line

There are certain rules and regulations that you should follow while opting for the house signs Bristol. Get all the advantages that these service providers offer. Looking for a reliable house sign company? Celtic House Name Plates helps customers to create shop signage as it guarantees lightweight and very durable plates. They offer high finishing and colour so that you can choose a safe and attractive custom made signs in Bristol. From a variety of choices available, you can shortlist the perfect one with the help of the experts.

Two Tell-Tale Advantages of House Signs in Bristol for Your SOHO

Here are some of the most significant benefits of purchasing custom house signs Bristol for your home-based business.

A vast majority of entrepreneurs running a small office/home office, or SOHO, in short, mistakenly believe that they are not required to invest in typical stuff like business signage and office space.
Although it is very much true that your home doubles up as your office, it is still recommended to buy at least one house sign for promoting your trade and improving your overall reach by increasing the local visibility of your business.


Admittedly, one big disadvantage of conducting your business from home is that it becomes considerably harder for your neighbours to know that it even exists in the first place.
However, one effective way of telling the people in your locality about your business is to get in touch with an acclaimed signage supplier like Celtic House Name Plates for ordering custom-made signs in Bristol, which would describe the nature of your commerce in brief, what it entails, and how one could gather more information about your trade.
You could popularise your business and spread the word with the help of descriptive phrasing. Just imagine how much interest you might generate with a made-to-order business sign that says “Bespoke Landscaping for Every Budget” and includes your contact number!
As the passer-byes are to come across it, they would be able to properly understand what your maiden venture is all about and one should care.


Custom house-painted signs in Bristol help both the prospective customers and your existing clientele understand that you might have something to offer they are particularly looking for.
Just think about how much customer engagement you could get with build-to-order trade signage for promoting your newly opened hair salon, the fact that Indian cooking classes are scheduled to be held at your premises from next weekend, or you run a computer repair business from your home.

Many individuals often resort to the web for finding out more information about the neighbourhood merchants and how they could be contacted. Nevertheless, you could help them bypass it all together simply by fabricating a custom-designed sign as per your requirements and making your business more visible to the local market.
Your bottom line would begin to improve as the people are to depend on your home-run business instead of visiting some other establishment in the vicinity. By putting up a visually appealing sign adjacent to your main entrance, you are essentially making it clear that the consumers could come to your place as you might have something useful enough to offer them.


Custom signage could prove to be the potential indicator of a thriving community and imply that the area where you live in is economically sustainable.
If families visit your locality to check out if they might wish to reside there, walking past your trade sign could make those people believe that your place is conducive for a home-based business as the community is to support it.
If you plan to install house signs in Bristol, you may choose to hire a renowned local manufacturer, such as Celtic House Name Plates.

What is the importance of house signs Bristol?

When your friends call you for a get together with them at their place, what do you do? You book a cab or public transport and tell the driver where to drop you, right? From there, you reach your destination. This is where the importance of house signs Bristol comes in.

Importance of installing the house signs

  • Signs are installed on the streets, roads and in front of the commercial and residential places to help the travellers in reaching their destination on time and safely. Whether you have to reach your friends home or any place for an interview, you need to find the exact location of that place. Even if you are right in front of that building, it may be difficult for you to locate it if the custom made signs Bristol are not installed outside. Celtic House Name Plates is a well-established company which specialises in offering designing and lettering name signs services in Bristol at a reasonable price.
  • As per the law in different countries, all the commercial and residential buildings must have a visible sign. Therefore, to save yourself from facing any kind of legal action you should look for someone who is in the profession of monumental masonry from years. Only that person will be able to give you the right idea about the kind of nameplate or home signs that you should install outside your building.
  • Installing house signs are also crucial to get emergency services, get your important documents and parcels right on your door, help the potential buyers to come to your place if you are planning to sell your property, etc.
  • Without the right signs and direction, it becomes very difficult for the people to exactly know whether they are heading in the right direction to reach their destination or not. Therefore, if you want to help your friends and colleagues to reach your home safely and without the wastage of their important time, then you should look for an expert who can help you in designing and installing clear house name signs Bristol.

Reasons to Hire an expert team for making custom-made signs

  • The experts will make the effort to provide you with high quality, visible residential signs by using the best materials available in the market.
  • Offering quality craftsmanship and exceeding the expectation of the clients is one of the main mottos of the professionals. They will make their best efforts to not let you down.
  • Installing house name signs Bristol is one of the best ways to identify the buildings. And the expert sign designing team understands this thing much better than anyone else.
  • Whether you want a big or small designer sign on a slate or stone, you can be sure to get it at an affordable price.
  • It is the responsibility of the experts to help the clients professionally and complete the work on time. So, you won’t have to wait for long to get the kind of home signs that you are looking for.

Thus, installing custom made signs Bristol is one of the best and unique ways of displaying the building number of your commercial and residential property.

So, the thing that you can do to get the perfect home name signs Bristol hires an expert who specialises in cutting, lettering and designing on headstones. Also, ensure that the professional only uses the finest quality Welsh slate. To do that, you can search for a reputed service provider online. You can also get in touch with the experts of Celtic House Name Plates who are renowned for offering house signs Bristol at an affordable price.

Get your House Identified with Welsh House Slate Sign Bristol

The first identification of your house would be the nameplate assigned to it. It can be very tricky to find a reputed company that does the job perfectly. If your worries revolve around the same lines, you can consider Celtic House Name Plates for the job. With a talented group of in-house artists, they pledge to serve you until you are satisfied. 

The services generally offered are:

  • Welsh House Slate Sign Bristol
  • Custom made Hand Painted House names Bristol
  • Welsh Slate Signs Bristol

To understand the depth of their duties, you must consider the various features before hiring the facilitators

  • Attentive

In case you are looking for reliable services, you must make sure that the service providers are attentive towards your requirements. You might want a particular font on Welsh House Slate Sign Bristol; in such cases, if the provider does not have the tools to implement that font, he/she must relay that information to you.

  • Precision

Nameplates are the first thing that your guests notice before entering your house. Therefore, the work must be done with precision. For example, if you require custom made hand painted house names Bristol, the colours used must have clarity in them. In case, your name or the quote that you select for the plate does not look proper or contains any error, the service provider is to be blamed for completing the task in haste. 

  • Delivery

The delivery must be done at the decided time. The approach must be professional as far as time is concerned. For convenience, the time and date of delivery must be decided beforehand to avoid any sort of delay later. All queries regarding the time must be sorted to avoid every chance of misunderstanding in the future.

  • Free Consultation

Before hiring any service, there should be a provision for prior consultation. A discussion before the work begins is beneficial for both the parties. If such discussions are held, all ideas about the requirements could be discussed. After that discussion, as a customer, you would be informed about the services of the company. Telephonic or personal meetings, both must be entertained, depending on the situation.

  • Price

The most important aspect, right after the attentiveness of the service provider is the price quotient. The task, indeed, requires a lot of precision. However, that does not give the facilitator the liberty to quote an unreasonable price. The prices must be designed according to the market price. Negotiation should be allowed.

The above-mentioned virtues are too elaborate to find. However, choosing house signs or Celtic House Name Plates for your requirements will surely help you get the desired output at a reasonable price. Hence, you may hire their services and book them for Welsh house slate sign Bristol.

How to make special hand painted house signs Swansea?

Do you want to make a special and stunning sign? Give a try to the beautiful hand painted house signs. It gives a brand new look to the house. The most important part is that you can add a personal touch to the personalised wooden signs.  

There are many cool ideas to create a hand printed sign. Like you can give it the name of your grandchildren’s. You can use a wooden sign as they look very attractive and classy. One can also go for oak paint. It is an exceptional choice. The others include cherry wood or cedar wood.

Celtic House Name Plates for Custom Made Signs Swansea

In custom made sign, you are allowed to customise the sign according to your requirements. It is the most inexpensive method to customise and enhance the beauty of your place. While decorating your house, you will need big dollars but a few customised signs for your place will surely help to save a lot of money.

Available in various shapes and sizes, you can choose any wooden materials. It is completely your decision if you like to paint or engrave with words or quotation. Just let your creativity rule over the piece.

Signs are everywhere- on the streets, billboards, buses, and so on. They are not only eye-catching but also ubiquitous. But these handmade house signs are something that depicts a feeling.

Hand-painted House Signs Swansea: History and Evolution

Hand painted signs have a historical touch. The history of it is as rich as its visuals. It was very famous at the time when photoshop and illustrator were not even invented. It lets an artist share their talent and passion. Then gradually, with the invent of new machinery, this concept gradually faded off.

But recently, this concept again sprung up. Many fashion lovers started to opt for the traditional hand painted signs. There are many trade schools that offer sign graphics programs, allowing today’s generation to start with a paintbrush and spring up with their talent.

Handmade signs can also be denoted as a sign for the person you love. It can also be carried as a gift for any occasion. A handmade sign is a beautiful artwork that brings extra beauty to your home. Contact Celtic House Name Plates for the best custom made signs in Swansea and exclusive and unique house sign ideas and concepts!

How to improve your home decor with customised house name plates

As human beings, we all have a special connection with our own identities. Our names and identities create a specific impact on the people around us. House name plates Cardiff are used to display the name, surname and address of the owner of a property. The spaces we claim and our names and assignments are illustrated by these descriptive pieces of display.

While name plates are used in houses, workplaces, gatherings, item name shows, and several other purposes, house name plates display the specific address of a residential property along with the name of the owner, which makes it easier for a visitor or a stranger to locate and identify it without having to face any difficulty. While there are several ways a name plate can be useful, it plays a great role in enhancing the aesthetics of a house as well. Celtic House Name Plates is one of the most reputed names when it comes to selecting name plates for residential properties in Cardiff.

Custom house name plates: Beautifying your house

Name plates have been used since a long time. But house signs or house name plates in Cardiff have recently become more popular with several printing companies providing a wide range of designs and materials and several customizations that can be effectively used to increase the beauty of the entire house or property. There are different shapes and sizes of these plates available in the market and choosing the size and shape depends on the kind of utility of the name plates and its content, that is, what and how much is written on it, and in what size and font.

Choosing the most suitable house name plates for your property

There are various materials these name plates are available. These include:

• Wood
• Plastic
• Metal
• Stone
• Glass

Along with metals like aluminium and other rustproof materials, decorative and customisable items of different shapes are also available in the market. It is ideally placed near the entry.
Different types of creative patterns, fonts, customisable engravings and readymade options are all available at Celtic House Name Plates in Cardiff. Any property owner can choose from over 200 designs and ideas provided by the company and can use the option of customisation for any additional or special engravings of various kinds. Visit their website for a wide range of products at affordable prices.