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Ordering Information

How Do I Order A Slate from Celtic House Name Plates?

When you enter the shop, you will have a number of options to choose from. The purpose of this page is to guide you through the ordering process together with an explanation of the options available. It must be emphasised that your can only order our standard name/number plates ‘on line’. If you want to order any other size plate, shape or design please contact us.

Step 1 – First decide whether you want either a NUMBER or NAME plate

NUMBER PLATES that can be ordered from this site are available in two sizes, Regular and Large. Regular size number plates are 4 inches high and Large size number plates are 6 inches high.

NAME PLATES are also available in Regular or Large. The Regular size name plates are 4 inches high for a one line name or 6 inches high for a two line name. Large size name plates are 6 inches high for a one line name and 8 inches for two lines. Other sizes are available, please contact us with your requirements

STEP 2 – Enter your text. Type the name or number in the boxes provide.

Please type the text in the way you want it to appear on the slate i.e. UPPER CASE or Upper and Lower Case taking great care with the spelling and any punctuation.

STEP 3 – Font Type – Select which letter style you like from the drop down box.

Below are sample pictures of the standard fonts available Other examples can be found on our Samples page.

Other fonts are available, please contact us with your requirements.

Please click on the image to display a larger image.



Upper & Lower Case



All Upper Case



Upper & Lower Case



Upper & Lower Case

STEP 4 – Font Colour – Choose the colour you want the letters to be painted from the drop down box

Your choices are white, silver and gold which are all painted with a hard wearing enamel paint. Other colours are also available including gold leaf, please contact us with your requirements.

STEP 5 – Choose Design – Choose from the standard designs that are available to order from the drop down box

The standard designs are shown on the samples page under the heading Standard Designs. These designs can be added to both the name and number plates, but please note that the border design can not be cut onto a slate that has a Rough Edge finish. Almost any design can be added to your name/number plate. For example, your favourite flower, animal, pet dog, cat or spider can be added. Some examples of these can be found on our Examples Page.

For further information on non-standard designs please contact us.

STEP 6 – Finish Type – Choose the finish to the edge of your slate from the drop down box.

Below are two pictures showing the two finish types available. Your can choose either a Chamfered Edge or a Rough Edge finish.

Example of these are shown below. Please click on the image to display a larger image, or see our samples page.





STEP 7 – Fixing Type – Select how you want the slate is fixed to the wall from the drop down box.

You have two choices for doing this, first is with the supplied brass screws, no explanation needed! The second is by using blind dowels.
With this method, there are no visible fixings once your slate name/number is in place. This is a simple process with full instructions provided.
Please select the fixing method from the fixing type drop down box.

STEP 8 – Number of Letters – Select the number of letters to be cut, from the drop down box

Please count how many numbers/letters you want on your Name Plate – don’t include quotation marks or spaces as these are free of charge.

Numbers on a Number Plate are included in the price of the slate.

STEP 9 – The maximum length of the slate – Type the maximum length of the slate in the box provided.

We have provided you with maximum length box for you to measure the available space where you would like to fit your slate name/number plate. The last thing we would want is to provide you with a name or number plate that is too large!

Also as a guide, we have made a table showing you the approximate lengths of the slate on the Slate Sizes page. Please note, these sizes are just a guide as we can alter both the size and width of the letters to suit the available space.

Please type the maximum length (in inches) into the box provided.

We hope this guide has been helpful but if you have any questions please contact us. We are here to help.