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Why Slate Signs are Popular as Celtic House Signs in London?

House signs are no new invention. They have been here since the idea of society took birth and people want to simplify the process of finding their address. From ceramic and pottery house signs to acrylic & plastic signs to wooden signs to slate signs – the house name signs in London has covered a long mile. And it’s journey is still active. Celtic House Name Plates is also here to popularise the Welsh house slate sign in London. The quality of materials they use and their workmanship have stood the test of time.

If you are also enamoured with the slate signs, then let’s discover what makes these nameplates so popular among homeowners:

They are Enough to Beautify a Property

When you don’t know how to turn a simple exterior into something astounding, just hang or install slate house signs and you are done. From giving different shapes to the nameplate to choosing different fonts – you can do a lot with a simple black house sign.
Just installing a Welsh house slate sign can make your simple house stand out in the block.

Made to Measure

You prefer a large house sign, slate signs can be turned into it. Small house signs appeal to you more? Slate house signs are also fit to suit this need. Whichever cut and size please you, slate signs are perfect for them. You can also play around with the font or choose a border that complements the slate.

You can Decorate the Welsh Slate House Sign as You Please
You may feel like there is a limited option to decorate a house sign. However, when it comes to slate, it’s far from the truth. From string lights to flowers – you can choose whatever to reinvent the beauty of a slate house sign.


When improving your kerbside appeal is a priority to you but you don’t want it to put a dent in your pocket, is there anything better than investing in Celtic house signs in London? This simple yet effective solution is enough to solve all your worries that you had until now.

Want to play around with the Font? Slate Signs also Offer this
There is no limitation in choosing a perfect font that matches your home decor and your personal style. The texture and colour of the slate house name signs can be chosen as per the position and material of the property location.

Just work with a team of reputed craftsmen of Celtic House Name Slates who have been in the industry for years and have already worked on hundreds of projects. The top-notch Welsh house slate sign in London offered by us are personalised as per the taste of our clients. From tailoring our solutions as per your needs to offering you a pocket-friendly quote – our services are of unmatched quality. We consider the position, size and screw holes number during the delivery and manufacturing process. Our house signs complement your house aesthetics.